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FleXpo is the most influential trade show in the world.
It’s also never happened before.
It’s also not really a trade show.
But when the going gets tough, it’s time to get innovative and by golly, do we have the products for you!
These cutting-edge, audio-engineered experiences will give you exactly what you’ve been missing during COVID-19, straight out of the minds of our most talented teenage developers. And while we can’t demonstrate our products for you in the flesh, join us online to navigate the Virtual Tantrum Exhibition Centre and try them for yourself. You won’t want to miss out!

FleXpo is a unique online experience in the form of a brand new website presented by Tantrum Youth Arts, first published in October 2020 and still live in 2021. It is the culmination of two programs that were forced to flex and adapt due to the unforeseen restrictions and change brought on by COVID-19.

ACCESSIBILITY: A written transcript is included with each audio experience / file on the FleXpo website.

Tantrum FleX Ensemble

Tantrum Flex Ensemble (formerly Tantrum X Ensemble) is a program of weekly workshops for teenagers to collaborate with each other as artists to make new connections and exciting new art.

Over 6 months in 2020, the FleX Ensemble took on the challenge of collaborating as performance makers at a time when live performance wasn’t possible in the same way. Though they occasionally despaired along the way (who didn’t?), each Ensemble member kept on their toes to respond to whatever the world threw at them, dreaming up creative ways to connect with people during a time of isolation and provide small acts of kindness when they were needed most. Tantrum FleX developed and recorded three audio experiences to give listeners something they’ve been missing – a radio play about fine dining, a guided nature meditation and a selection of COVID-Safe hugs.

Art About Not Making Art

During 2020, Tantrum would have normally offered Trajectory Residency to provide local emerging artists with space, time and support to make new creative works. In the face of COVID-19, it was just as important to provide artists with the resources they needed… but in a different way.

Tantrum offered eight emerging / early-career artists the opportunity to come together and explore making art about not making art over the month of September in 2020. Specifically, the group focussed on experiences of feeling unproductive, whether as an artist due to COVID-19 or in general, and how they responded. As opposed to any outcome, this process of meeting and sharing was positioned as a creative act in and of itself. The “findings” from this experiment are documented as part of FleXpo.

Creative Team
Tantrum FleX Ensemble:
Shannon, Elijah, Lucas, Ronan, Matthew and Bronte
AANMA Participants:
Harrison Bishop, David Gairdner, Eryn Leggatt,
Campbell McGillivray, Amy Morris, Alexandra Rose,
Alex Travers and Chloe Warren
Lead Artist / FleX Ensemble Facilitator: Chris Dunstan
AANMA Facilitator / Creative Producer Intern: Alex Travers
Audio Engineering: Alexandra Rose
Web Interface and Graphics: Eryn Leggatt
Support: Branch Nebula
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