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Tantrum Youth Arts present

Heist at the Museum

An at-home playful art experience.

Created by the 2021 Tantrum Flex ensemble, and featuring designs by Newcastle illustrator  Ben Mitchell,  Heist at the Museum is a sneaky and imaginative family card game suitable for 4-6 players aged 12+.

Get your Heist at the Museum pack!

You can download the game as a Print & Play PDF (the file includes templates for you to design your own artwork and feature cards!), or you can purchase a card deck here .

How to play: Heist at the Museum

You are an art burglar who has just scored your dream day job: A museum security guard. By day, you protect the museum’s priceless artworks while planning to sneak inside during the night and steal them. The museum has some mind-boggling security systems installed, but during the day you can gather everything you need to bypass them.

It should be your easiest heist to date – but there’s a problem: All your co-workers are art burglars trying to steal the artworks too! And if they know you stole it, they’ll surely snitch.

You better not attract too much attention to pull off your HEIST AT THE MUSEUM!

Give us a cheer!

While our Tantrum FleX ensemble were all very excited to create this game for you, some of them have felt a little sad that they missed out on an opportunity for a live performance. Please help us in congratulating them for their hard work!


Upload your own Feature Cards

Curate your own museum! You can upload your own Feature Cards by following the instructions on the Print&Play PDF. We’d love to see your creations. Maybe your security systems will be more effective than ours…


The Story of Heist at the Museum

Initially conceptualised as an interactive performance at Newcastle’s Civic Theatre, the creative journey of this project reflects the chaotic nature of life in 2020-21. By instilling a sense of homeliness throughout the theatre, the artists wanted to interrogate their audience’s preconceptions regarding cultural ownership. When the pandemic moved the ensemble online, they instead turned their attention to play: “Heist at the Museum” disrupts the formality of cultural institutions, thus positing that art is a collective and playful experience. 

The Making of Heist at the Museum

Creative Team

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