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RADIAL is Back to Back Theatre’s collaborative film-making process resulting in a portrait of a community in motion. The project has toured the world, making films with communities in Dundee, Berlin, Gold Coast and Geelong.

With the generous support of the our sponsors Beyond Bank, Tantrum’s Accelerate Ensemble teamed up with Back to Back Theatre to create RADIAL Newcastle as part of 2022’s New Annual festival.



Filmed using a circular camera track, RADIAL is an accessible model for working with either community or professional performers, created via a process of live improvisation. RADIAL can capture a continuous sequence of action or dance, involving up to 30 participants at once, combined with intimate depictions of single individuals in space.

RADIAL’s clearly defined artistic process creates space for the explorations of its subjects, capturing the beautiful idiosyncrasies of people, bodies, communities and landscapes, from all angles.

The first incarnation of RADIAL was created in Geelong in 2016 by Back to Back Theatre’s experimental theatre making group, THEATRE OF SPEED.

Once complete, performers gather with their community for a celebratory public screening of the resulting film, which then goes live in the digital world for many more to see.

Co-presented by Back to Back Theatre, Tantrum Youth Arts, Civic Theatre Newcastle

Original Concept Bruce Gladwin, Rhian Hinkley & Tamara Searle

Accelerate Ensemble Amber Tull Angela Kowalski Jaye Cutting Montana Blair Nathan Dunning Savannah Baily

Director Ingrid Voorendt

Editor Jiang Naizhong

Sound Soup (Thomas) Campbell

Production Manager Dans Maree Sheehan

Producer Nikki Watson

Project Mentor Ben Oakes

Camera Assist Zia Sadeqi

Costume Design Bonnie Tipper

Videography Philip Einwick

Accelerate Ensemble Lead Artist Hannah Armstrong

Creative Director, Tantrum Youth Arts Penelope (Nel) Kentish

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