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In-School Workshops

At Tantrum, we are MAKERS. We make from the ground up, from the experiences of young people, from the stories in our community, from the world around us. We make award-winning theatre and performance that is collaborative, contemporary, ambitious and engaging.

Our versatile workshops can support a whole-school approach to cognitive, emotional, social and physical wellbeing by fostering creativity, confidence and connectedness. They can also augment your Drama program with specialist expertise.

Our expert Workshop Artists come to you and bring a wealth of experience in creating innovative contemporary performing arts and wellbeing programs with young people.

Each workshop is thoughtfully tailored to the specific needs and interests of the stage or year group, and delivers a dynamic, practical and engaging learning experience for your students.

One-Off Workshops

Tiny Taste of Tantrum

Unsure of what Tantrum does? The best way to find out is to try a taster! This is a great introduction to how Tantrum makes theatre exciting and accessible for everyone, irrespective of background or experience. Filled with fun and active games, students won’t even realise they’re performing, breaking down barriers to them being creative, working together and trying new things.

Wellbeing: Self-Awareness, Belonging, Creative Risk-Taking, Confidence, Positive Connections, Collaboration.
Drama: Introduction to Drama Games and Group Devising, Playbuilding.

Duration: 2 hours
Suggested Year Range: JNR: Years 3-6, SNR: Years 7-10
Cost: $350 + GST (up to 25 students)*
*Additional travel costs may apply for schools located more than 1 hour from Tantrum Youth Arts.

Mission: Impossibility

Want to rap like Illy or dance like Beyonce? No problem! In this fast-paced and physical workshop, learn how to embrace the impossible to leave your own mark on the world.

Wellbeing: Growth Mindset, Self-Esteem, Resilience, Creative Risk-Taking, Belonging and Confidence.
Drama: Improvising, Group Devising, Group Performance, Physical Theatre, Multi-Discipline Theatre.

Duration: 2 hours
Suggested Year Range: Years 7-12
Cost: $350 + GST (up to 25 students)*
$12 + GST per student for larger groups (over 100 students)*
*Additional travel costs may apply for schools located more than 1 hour from Tantrum Youth Arts.

Play in a Day

At Tantrum, we make new theatre from scratch, and so can you! You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write a play. In fact, you can be yourself and work together as a team. This fun workshop encourages students to return to their ‘animal’ instincts to create their own short plays in the space of a day. The plays can be presented to the whole grade or school to celebrate the unique ideas of the group.

Wellbeing: Collaboration, Self-Direction / Choice, Confidence, Connectedness, Self-Awareness, Celebrating Difference, Diversity and Personal Identity.
Drama: Playbuilding, creating character through body and voice.

Duration: Full Day
Suggested Year Range: Years 3-6
Cost: $750 + GST (up to 25 students)*
*Additional travel costs may apply for schools located more than 1 hour from Tantrum Youth Arts.

Enough Chat! Let's Make!

At Tantrum, young people are makers and doers. We’re experts in devising bold new performances through active collaboration where everyone is equal, with unique ideas and modes of expression. In this practical workshop, students will explore a range of different approaches to group devising, developing ‘on the floor’ strategies for experimentation and negotiating working together. From the genesis of an idea through to structuring and sequencing their work, they will be empowered with tools for combining their individual strengths and interests towards an engaging original performance. This workshop is ideal for Preliminary or HSC Drama students looking to kick start a devising process, or Year 7 – 10 students exploring play building.

Drama: Advanced Group Devising, Contemporary Forms, Group Performance.
Wellbeing: Collaboration, Confidence, Celebrating Difference, Diversity and Personal Identity, Creative Risk-Taking, Positive Relationships.

Duration: 2 hours OR Full Day
Suggested Year Range: Years 7-12
2 Hour: $350 + GST (up to 25 students)*
Full Day: $750 + GST (up to 25 students)*
*Additional travel costs may apply for schools located more than 1 hour from Tantrum Youth Arts.

Custom Workshops

Workshop Series

Though our Outposts projects, we establish ongoing off-site creative workshop series for young people. We work with community organisations – including schools! – to provide students with this opportunity, and to provide training and support to emerging workshop facilitators.

If you are interested in establishing your school as a Tantrum Outpost, please do contact us!

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