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2024 Membership

Tantrum is a co-operative which means we’re a member-owned not-for-profit organisation. We’re immensely proud of our community – the individuals and groups, young and not-so-young workshop participants, emerging artists, industry professionals, supporters, donors, staff and Board. Without you, Tantrum wouldn’t be able to achieve its mission of empowering young people with creativity, confidence and connectedness so they can positively shape their lives and the world around them.
Join the community and become a member!

Membership Basics

Anyone of any age is eligible to become a member of Tantrum!
All memberships last for one calendar year (Jan-Dec).

A member must:

  • complete an annual membership application form each calendar year (e.g., online form via button below), and
  • if over the age of 18, pay a regular subscription fee each calendar year (currently $25 per calendar year), or
  • if under the age of 18, use or participate in the primary activities* of the Co-operative for at least 10 hours in a calendar year

*Tantrum’s primary activities are creative (e.g., drama and performance) workshops, and the creation and presentation of public performances and other creative works.

Member Rights & Responsibilities

As a member of Tantrum Youth Arts, you have the right to:

  • Be part of the Tantrum community and celebrate the young people involved in the programs and opportunities we offer, while sharing in our community events
  • Have your say on what you think Tantrum should be and where we’re headed
  • Attend and vote at the annual general meeting (AGM)

Additionally, you have the responsibility to:

  • Support Tantrum to the best of your abilities
  • Respect the rights of others and ensure your actions do not infringe on their rights
  • Be familiar with the standards of behaviour expected of you and be willing to accept the consequences of inappropriate behaviour as set out in Tantrum’s rules, policies and procedures
  • Respect Tantrum’s premises, property and equipment

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