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Terms + Conditions

The following Terms + Conditions apply to all Tantrum workshops and activities requiring registration, both on-site and remote (online).

  • I understand and acknowledge all the information regarding the relevant Tantrum Youth Arts workshop / activity as outlined on Tantrum’s website.
  • I understand and acknowledge all the information in the relevant form.
  • All participants attending a Tantrum workshop / activity must submit a completed registration form. Anyone who hasn’t properly registered is not the responsibility of Tantrum.
  • If the participant listed in this form is under the age of 18, I confirm that I am their parent / guardian.
  • If the participant listed in this form is under the age of 18, I consent to their involvement in this Tantrum workshop / activity as their parent / guardian.
  • Any applicable fees must be paid prior to the commencement of the workshop / activity.
  • Refunds / credits will not be given for participant absences or withdrawals from the workshop / activity.
  • Refunds will only be made where the workshop / activity is discontinued due to insufficient registrations.
  • A participant is not permitted to register in a workshop / activity if they owe fees for a previous workshop / activity.
  • Tantrum reserves the right to decline or cancel a registration with regards to any workshop/activity; to cancel a workshop / activity due to insufficient registration numbers; to cancel an individual session/rehearsal at any time; to change the facilitator for a workshop/activity at any time; and to change the mode of delivery at any time.
  • It’s the responsibility of parents / guardians to drop-off and collect their child / children at Tantrum on time for on-site workshops / activities (unless alternative travel has been otherwise conveyed to Tantrum). The parent / guardian must inform Tantrum in advance if a person other than a parent / guardian is collecting the child / children.
  • I consent to Tantrum using and endorsing the use of photographs, video footage and / or audio recordings of the participant, taken during the Tantrum activity for publicity, promotional and archival purposes. Tantrum will hold the copyright to any photograph / video / audio recording.
  • I agree that although Tantrum attempts to minimise any risk of personal injury within practical boundaries, accidents do happen and all physical activities carry the risk of personal injury. I acknowledge that there are inherent risks of personal injury involved in the Tantrum workshop / activity and agree that the participant partakes at their own risk.

All participants in Tantrum’s activities must read and agree to the following from our Code of Conduct –

Tantrum is a community of people who work together to provide meaningful creative experiences and opportunities for young people. In order to do this, we expect you to:

  • acknowledge, consider and respect the rights and points of view of others, celebrating difference and individuality;
  • value the power of imagination, as well as creative problem solving and risk taking;
  • acknowledge the importance of commitment and contribution;
  • actively participate in Tantrum activities;
  • make sure you inform Tantrum staff if you are unable to attend a workshop, rehearsal or other event you have committed to;
  • understand that collaborative skills are an essential life tool, lending a hand whenever possible;
  • practice collaboration by working together with people to contribute to the running of the co-operative;
  • refrain from the use of drugs or alcohol on Tantrum’s premises or during Tantrum activities;
  • seek to resolve conflict immediately without bearing grudges or gossiping; and
  • understand that Tantrum Youth Arts will hold the copyright of any images, audio, video, and performance related material that is created while working with Tantrum Youth Arts

Last updated: 3 March 2021

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