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Tantrum's 2023 Artists-in-Residence present


Welcome to SHOWROOM, Tantrum’s annual industry day for emerging artists. Wipe your feet and take off your coat; make yourself at home as you spend a day immersed in art chat and industry discussions. Jump into valuable learning via our producing masterclass and networking skills workshop, plus hear from industry professionals and other emerging artists on how they got started as independent makers. Become the first crucial audience for our 2023 Trajectory Residents as they share works-in-development.

Make connections. Take new steps. Be inspired.

Date: Saturday 24 June 2023.
Time: MASTERCLASS 11.00am-1.00pm (by registration only). SHOWROOM 1.00pm-7.00pm.
Where: Tantrum Youth Arts. 101 City Rd, Merewether (access via Allworth St).
Cost: Pay what you can. Lunch provided.




11.00-am-1.00pm. Office.

Targeted at emerging and independent artists who are hoping to produce and present their own work or explore touring options for new work. Budgets! Paying people! Venues! Contracts!

To attend the Producing Masterclass, please select ADD ON when purchasing your Showroom tickets.


Discussion | Collaboration | Workshop


Ongoing pop up experience. Drop in.
1.00pm-7.00pm. The Lawn.

How do you even come up with ideas?? This creative, collaborative drop-in activity invites you to contribute to an ideas generator, and hopefully you’ll take home with you the perfect idea for a new project/play/character/poem.


Ongoing pop up experience. Drop in.
1.00pm-7.00pm. The Lawn.

We’ve all lost something before. Pair of undies? Marbles? Your Dad?

Good Mourning tells the true story of four young siblings and their Dad’s cancer diagnosis. This new Australian work explores the complexities of loss and grief from the honest perspective of an eight year old, who reminds us that while death is scary, life is a celebration.

Good Mourning is part-live performance and part-community project. We invite you to anonymously share your experiences of loss, from your favourite pen, to your family pet, or whatever you might like to share.

The community’s handwritten contributions will be installed in the theatre foyer for the upcoming Civic season, and the audience will be invited to explore these offerings and reflections prior to the live performance.

Good Mourning, by Newcastle theatre makers Sonia Dodd and Hannah Armstrong, premieres as part of the 2023 Civic Theatre season on 23 and 24 September.


Discussion Panel
3.45pm-4.30pm. Studio.

How do you get your work seen by an audience? How do you find funding? Where do you want to take your work next? A conversation between emerging and established artists about how they make and present their work.


4.45pm-5.30pm. Studio.

In this hands-on workshop, let’s all acknowledge that networking sucks and that no one really wants to do it. But art friends are useful, so let’s make some new ones! Set yourself up for networking success through our 5 must-do prep-steps… and then – how convenient – this workshop is happening right before happy hour…


Trajectory Residency Showing

[watcher] [shimmer] [imprint] [growth]
by Joshua Ingle

Interactive installation. Drop in.
1.00pm-7.00pm.* Studio.

Joshua Ingle invites you to immerse yourself in his debut audiovisual art installation, where sight and sound converge in a mesmerizing fusion. Collaborating with visionary musicians Gregor McMurray from Sydney and JHL from New Zealand, Ingle presents a series of four projected works that beckon you to engage with them, responding to your movement, sound, and touch.

Driven by the powerful Touchdesigner software, the real-time visuals seamlessly blend with a dynamic soundscape. As you interact with the installation, the visuals and sounds intertwine, transforming and shifting in captivating harmony.

Prepare to be captivated by this innovative exploration of art and technology. Engage with the interactive elements, allowing your senses to guide you through this immersive journey.

Mentor: Kit Webster
Collaborators: Gregor McMurray, JHL
Thank you: Jonathan Zawada

CONTENT WARNING: contains projected moving images which may affect people with photosensitivity.

*[watcher] [shimmer] [imprint] [growth] by Joshua Ingle will pause during Judge Not, A Web Is A Map, and Outburst.

by Angela Kowalski

1.45pm-2.00pm. Studio.

Angela, in collaboration with others, has developed an original work based on negative judgements and friendship. Through poetry and dance Angela reflects on bad experiences she had at school and the emotional trauma it caused her. However, this is not the only reflection she has, as friendships have been really important throughout her life. Angela has the ability to befriend everyone and feels that by caring about others you can overcome the worst experiences. Angela suggests that even a bully has the ability to change and develop friendships with those they have judged.

Mentor: Sarah Lock
Composer: Huw Jones
Collaborators: Michele Kowalski, Amy Morris
Dance teacher: Sherree Crowe
Dancers: Jasper Robson, Kayla Weise, Laura Hamonet, John Patterson

by September Jones

Part One: Interactive installation. Staggered start
2.15pm-3.15pm. Studio.
Part Two: Community Gathering.
3.30pm-3.45pm. Studio.

September Jones is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice spans visual art, poetry, performance and movement. Throughout the Trajectory Residency, September has been exploring themes of cartography (map-making) and discovery. They would like this showing to be considered not as a work in progress, but rather, a pleasure in process.

A WEB IS A MAP is an invitational journey into a world of personal discovery. September describes this work as a map-making adventure; part experiential journey part intimate date with your own curiousity. This performance invites the audience to take part in this world by co-weaving a map along the way. Following your instincts, truth and imagination, A WEB IS A MAP invites you to pass through worlds you know and into ones you don’t.

This showing begins at 2:15pm and will be open to experience for one hour (with approximately 20 minutes journey time expected). At the culmination of the journey September will unravel the map we have made together underneath the light of the moon.

Mentor: Lucy Shepherd

CONTENT WARNING: adult themes.


11.00am-1.00pm – Producing Masterclass. (By registration only. Please add it when checking out).
1.00pm – Lunch.
1.00pm-7.00pm – [watcher] [shimmer] [imprint] [growth] by Joshua Ingle (interactive installation, drop in).*
1:45pm – JUDGE NOT by Angela Kowalski (performance).
2:15pm – A WEB IS A MAP by September Jones (interactive installation, small groups).
3:45pm – OUTBURST: WHAT HAVE I DONE?! Panel chat with emerging and emerged artists.
4:45pm – MAKING ART FRIENDS. Networking workshop.
5:30pm – Happy Hour.
7.00pm – Program Concludes.

*[watcher] [shimmer] [imprint] [growth] by Joshua Ingle will pause during Judge Not, A Web Is A Map, and Outburst.
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