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Tantrum FleX Ensemble

At its heart, Tantrum FleX Ensemble (formerly Tantrum X) invites teenagers to collaborate with each other as artists to make new connections and exciting new art.

In a world turned on its head by coronavirus, this takes on a whole new meaning. Tantrum FleX speaks to the challenge that all artists face in discovering new ways of working together and new approaches to forging connections from a state of isolation.

As always, Tantrum believes that young people are up to the challenge, as experts in thinking outside the box and adapting to change. Fittingly, and by a process of metamorphosis, we are excited to launch Tantrum FleX Ensemble in 2020.

In Term 2, Tantrum FleX Ensemble will run on Saturdays for young people aged 12-18 (Yr 7-12). The program will run in addition to our Online Drama + Performance Workshops and free Offline Creative Resources. The program will continue in Term 3, either online or on-site at Tantrum (depending on health advice at the time), culminating in the making of a brand-new creative work. The work will be presented for the greater community in a way that responds flexibly to our context at the time – whatever that may be! Together, we will find creative and innovative solutions to making and performing under restriction.

As long as you’ve participated in any Tantrum workshop within the previous 12 months and have energy and imagination to burn, you’re eligible to join Tantrum FleX Ensemble!

If you are also registered for another Tantrum workshop, you can take advantage of the discount on Tantrum FleX Ensemble offered to participants of multiple workshops.

Art from the Depths

In 1897, towards the end of a two-year prison sentence, poet and playwright Oscar Wilde was finally allowed to write. Given only a single piece of paper at a time, he spent his final three months of confinement writing what became one of the greatest and most complex love letters ever composed. It was given the title De Profundis, Latin for “from the depths”…

Across the ages, hardship, restriction and confinement have inspired the creation of great art and unique expression. During their own confinement, members of Tantrum FleX Ensemble will work together to create their own work or works of art ‘from the depths’.

Whether Anne Frank’s diary written in hiding during World War II, Myuran Sukumaran’s paintings on death-row, or Keith Jarrett’s Köln Concert performed on an ‘impossible piano’, the Ensemble will explore different creative works born out of confinement or crisis, framed by physical or material limitations. Each Ensemble member will then consider what they would like to express and what statement they would like to make during this global pandemic, no matter how big or how small. At the same time, Tantrum FleX will engineer different ways to draw each other and members of the community out of the depths, remembering the power of fun and silliness in the face of tough times.

Ages 12-18 (Yr 7-12)
Facilitator: Chris Dunstan (Tantrum’s Artistic Director/CEO)

Term 2 – Online Workshops
Saturdays from 10am* (1 hour duration)

9 May – 4 July
Cost: $242 $60 (or $30 if you’re concurrently registered in another Tantrum workshop)

*If multiple online workshops are required each week (due to participant numbers), Tantrum will negotiate additional start times with the families involved.

Term 3 – TBA

Please note: Tantrum FleX Ensemble will run over Terms 2 and 3, with weekly workshops on Saturday mornings. Specific scheduling around the final presentation at the end of Term 3, as well as any extended or additional rehearsals where required, will be communicated well ahead of time. Video conferencing platform Zoom will be used to facilitate the online workshops. Tantrum Flex has a limited capacity, with online workshops (1hr duration) broken into smaller groupings to ensure that every Ensemble member is given the opportunity to contribute to the group conversation and participate in a high-quality offering. In Term 2, the fees for Tantrum FleX Ensemble are highly subsidised to account for any financial hardship families may face. At the same time, these fees will help ensure our artists are paid fairly and the organisation is sustainable during the evolving situation. We will continue to offer our Tantrum OPEN Scholarship program for young people facing disadvantage. Fees for Term 3 will depend on the evolving situation and will be communicated in advance.

Term 2 2020: Tantrum FleX Ensemble FAQ

What’s NEW with Tantrum FleX Ensemble?

  • Online remote delivery (using Zoom)
  • Reduced contact hours (1 hour, reduced from 2 hours)
  • Smaller groups
  • Heavily subsidised fees

What’s the same?

  • High-quality weekly creative sessions with long-term goals
  • Collaborating as artists to make new connections and exciting new art
  • Professional facilitation and mentorship by skilled artists
  • Finding creative and innovative approaches to making and performance
  • Participant-centred engagement, and creative control over output

What might Tantrum FleX Ensemble look like in Term 3?

Responding to health advice, Term 3 may continue to be delivered remotely or look more like previous terms. We will continue to communicate with participants and families to support young people through the transition. Fees and contact hours may be adjusted as physical distancing restrictions are reduced.

We will be providing further information prior to the beginning of Term 2, including how to access online workshops and what we’re doing to keep our tribe connected and safe during this time.

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