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Tantrum Transformed

Tantrum FleX Ensemble

At its heart, Tantrum FleX Ensemble (formerly Tantrum X) invites teenagers to collaborate with each other as artists to make new connections and exciting new art.

In a world turned on its head by coronavirus, this takes on a whole new meaning. Tantrum FleX speaks to the challenge that all artists face in discovering new ways of working together and new approaches to forging connections from a state of isolation.

As always, Tantrum believes that young people are up to the challenge, as experts in thinking outside the box and adapting to change. Fittingly, and by a process of metamorphosis, we are excited to launch Tantrum FleX Ensemble in 2020.

In Term 3, Tantrum FleX Ensemble will continue to run on Saturdays for young people aged 12-18 (Yr 7-12) on-site in our COVID-Safe Studio at Tantrum. The program will culminate in the making of a brand-new creative work. The work will be presented for the greater community in a way that responds flexibly to our context at the time – whatever that may be! Together, we will find creative and innovative solutions to making and performing under restriction.

If you are also registered for another Tantrum workshop, you can take advantage of the discount on Tantrum FleX Ensemble offered to participants of multiple workshops.

Art from the Depths

In 1897, towards the end of a two-year prison sentence, poet and playwright Oscar Wilde was finally allowed to write. Given only a single piece of paper at a time, he spent his final three months of confinement writing what became one of the greatest and most complex love letters ever composed. It was given the title De Profundis, Latin for “from the depths”…

Across the ages, hardship, restriction and confinement have inspired the creation of great art and unique expression. During their own confinement, members of Tantrum FleX Ensemble will work together to create their own work or works of art ‘from the depths’.

Whether Anne Frank’s diary written in hiding during World War II, Myuran Sukumaran’s paintings on death-row, or Keith Jarrett’s Köln Concert performed on an ‘impossible piano’, the Ensemble will explore different creative works born out of confinement or crisis, framed by physical or material limitations. Each Ensemble member will then consider what they would like to express and what statement they would like to make during this global pandemic, no matter how big or how small. At the same time, Tantrum FleX will engineer different ways to draw each other and members of the community out of the depths, remembering the power of fun and silliness in the face of tough times.

Tantrum FleX Ensemble runs over Terms 2 & 3. Term 3 workshops are only available to those who participated in Term 2.
Stay tuned for Tantrum FleX opportunities in 2021.

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