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Tantrum X Ensemble is for members of our Tribe ready to ask questions and listen carefully, connect with new ideas and people, and collaborate with each other as artists to create and present brand new contemporary performance.

Tantrum X Ensemble runs as an additional weekly workshop alongside our afternoon program. As long as you’ve participated in another Tantrum workshop within the previous year and have energy and imagination to burn, you’re eligible to join!

With weekly workshops on Saturday mornings, Tantrum X Ensemble is framed by the making of a new creative project that will playfully challenge participants’ skills and preconceptions about what theatre can be. While it’s not a requirement to be concurrently registered in another Tantrum workshop, you get a sizeable discount for Tantrum X Ensemble if you are (see below)!

Registrations for Semester 2 opening in July.

Tantrum X and The Shake Up

In first semester 2019, Tantrum X Ensemble will be involved in making and presenting Tantrum’s BIG performance project that will culminate in June. The Shake Up will use the 30th anniversary of the 1989 earthquake as a platform for exploring moments of change in Newcastle’s past to prepare for what the future might hold. If push came to shove and things were shaken up, what’s precious to you and what could you do without? Utilising different accounts of the earthquake, the Ensemble will devise and perform a brave new work connecting with their local community.


Participants only attending Tantrum X this semester: $396 (payable in two installments across the semester, i.e., one at the beginning of each term)

Participants also attending a weekly afternoon workshop at Tantrum this semester: $200 (payable in two installments across the semester, i.e., one at the beginning of each term). If you would like to claim this discount, please contact the Tantrum Office on 4929 7279 or email info@tantrum.org.au.

Tantrum is a Registered Creative Kids Provider. You can redeem your $100 Creative Kids voucher towards any of our workshops.

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