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Tantrum Youth Arts and Branch Nebula in partnership with Newcastle Museum present

The Shake Up

A landmark live performance event for the community about the Novocastrian response to disaster and change

In the year of the 30th anniversary of the 1989 Newcastle earthquake, local teenagers and emerging artists responded to moments of monumental change, bringing Novocastrians of all ages together to take pride in our shared resilience. Building the future we want in Newcastle by learning from the past, ready for whatever shake ups come our way…

The Shake Up took over Newcastle Museum across the last two weekends of June 2019, with a FREE live performance event for the community mixing theatre, art, live music, food and more.

The Shake Up was developed by Tantrum X and Tantrum neXus, our teenage and emerging artist performance ensembles. The project represents the first stage of a two-year partnership with acclaimed Sydney-based company Branch Nebula around building Tantrum’s capacity to produce ambitious live art events that place community members at their centre.

Creative Team

Tantrum X Ensemble (Facilitated by Chris Dunstan): Rosa, Shannon, Elijah, James, Summer, Luka, Abbi, Lucas, Ronan, Nora, Georgia, Matthew, Arlo, Bronte & Sophia
Tantrum neXus Emerging Artists (Facilitated by Lee Wilson & Mirabelle Wouters): Matthew Heys, Roger Ly, Alex Mangano, Amy Morris, Stephanie Rochet & Phoebe Turnbull
Creative Producers: Chris Dunstan, Lee Wilson & Mirabelle
Creative Producer Intern: Sarah Coffee
Event Producer: Tamara Gazzard
Event Facilitation: Julie Baird & Bree Rooney
Sound Sculptures, Installations & Design: Huw Jones
Production Manager: Nik Lyons
Publicity & Graphic Design: Eryn Leggatt
Event Consultation: Paschal Daantos Berry
Sound Consultation: Vic McEwan
Ultimate Relief Concert bands: CHOP, Lucid Lane & House Quake
Videography: Cloak Theory

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